Terms and Conditions

  • All rates are based on standard/ regular/ basic service.
  • Advance booking is confirmed upon minimum payment of 50% of the total charges/tour fees.
  • The official receipt of ARTGO TRAVEL AND TOURS, INC. (our company) is emailed upon confirmation of deposit.
  • Rates are subject to change without prior notice; however, bookings within promo periods are inflation-free. The inflation-free guarantee applies only to payments received by our company.
  • Our company is not responsible for any lost baggage and/or personal belongings during the period stated in each tour package.
  • FORCE MAJEURE: Our company shall not be held liable for failure to execute arrangements that include, but are not limited to: any act of God, unforeseeable events, calamities, strikes, shortages, blackouts, serious civil disturbances, acts of third party, and/or any other conditions beyond our control.
  • Guest expressly agrees to pay additional charge(s) for any sudden changes that can directly affect the original package availed.
  • Guest agrees that any and all cancellations/wash downs must be done through Email, and any cancellations/wash down on the phone will not be honored.
  • There shall be no refund for any unused stay and/or unutilized service/s caused by guest’s prerogative. Extensions of stay or tours will be charged to guest’s personal account.
  • Confirmed bookings are final; however, our company may allow free-of-charge changes for bookings starting from six (6) month to one (1) year before arrival date if the changes are made within these schedules:





6 months

3 months or more before arrival date

7 months

3.5 months or more before arrival date

8 months

4 months or more before arrival date

9 months

4.5 months or more before arrival date

10 months

5 months or more before arrival date

11 months

5.5 months or more before arrival date

12 months

6 months or more before arrival date

If You Book On or Before: ​December 31, 2019


Get These Bonuses:

  • ​Free half-day tour of your choice
  • Inflation-free charges / tour fees within one (1) year from booking date
    (Example:   From May 15, 2019  up to  12 mn GMT on ​May 14, 2020)
  • The privilege to become an affiliate and earn commissions for every referral you have to us so you will have future passive income
  • A 500-gram souvenir made of volcanic rock